Field Trials 

ISAE & The Setter & Pointer Club Field Trials
16-17th March 2015

Allenheads Estate, Northumberland & Muggleswick Estate Co. Durham

Judges: Carole Brown & John Naylor

Puppy Stake: No Awards
Novice Stake: No Awards

Open Stake:

1st Dom Goutorbe's Upperwood No Fly Zone ESB

2nd Wilson Young's Fearn Quark of Burncastle PD

3rd Meryl Asbury's Upperwood Sacre Bleu ESD (handled by Dom Goutorbe)
4th Sara Chichester's Ensay Selkie GSB

Roy Heath's Fugledes Uno PD
Dennis Longworth Ensay Tiva of Bringwood GSD
Terry Harris' FTch Sparkfield Flame PD

Photos by Laura Kolbach - you can purchase photos & see over 100 photos Purchase & See More Photos Here


Results and photos below from ISAE and S&P Spring Setter & Pointer Trial

Sponsorship was kindly donated by Bill Connolly from Redmills Animal Feeds, Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny for which the club is very appreciative (

Open Stake

1st  Mrs K Robinson with IRSD Coldcoats Star handled by Steve Robinson
2nd David Hall with PD Gerensary Cupid
3rd Dom Goutorbe with ESB Upperwood Flurry
4th Colin Forde with IRSB Lusca Gin

COM Lester Anderson with Papermill Femme Fatale

Puppy Stake
No Awards

Novice Stake
1st Robert Michel with PB Deeverspring Dawn handled by Alan Neill

Steve Robinson receiving the Glenside Rue Hue Trophy for winner of the Open Stake with
IRSD Coldcoats Star owned by Mrs K Robinson and handled by Steve Robinson.
Godfrey Pittman husband of Jean Collins Pittman who was one of the judges presented the prizes

David Hall receiving 2nd prize in the Open Stake with PD Gerensary Cupid

Dom Goutorbe receiving 3rd prize in the Open stake with ESB Upperwood Flurry

Colin Forde receiving 4th prize in the Open Stake with IRSB Lusca Gin

Steve Robinson receiving the Tandrec Cup for the Best Setter at the meet and the
Rua Trophy for the Best Irish Setter at the meet

Head Keeper Steve Colmer was thanked for his tremendous support for the trial, which was
held for the first time on the Allenheads (Northumberland) and Muggleswick (Co Durham) Estates.
A bottle of Feathered Dinosaur was given to Jeremy Herrmann the owner of the Estates as a
token of the clubs appreciation and the privilege of running on such spectacular ground.

Steven Foy’s IRSD Dunroon Porthos running in the Puppy Stake

Dom Goutorbe’s ESB Upperwood Flurry running in the Open Stake

The Novice stake was won by PB Deeverspring Dawn owned by Robert Michell and handled by Alan Neill.
He received the Boyndie Trophy for winning the stake as well as the Guns Choice Trophy


Scottish Setter & Pointer Champion Stakes, it's very good! it runs for about 25 minutes
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